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Janelle A. Mitchell

Chief Human Resource Officer

“Janelle Mitchell, a well-versed human capital strategist with more than 20 years of commensurate experience, leads the people initiative for ConcertoHealth.”

Janelle Mitchell is a well-versed human capital strategist with more than 20 years of commensurate experience leading people initiatives for startup and fast-growth businesses. She has a proven track record for building human resource capacity while elevating service levels across an organization. The cornerstones of her brand are accountability, communication and support.

As the Vice President, Human Capital Management, at the Weingart Center in Los Angeles, Mitchell was also awarded the opportunity to serve as the agency’s Strategic Coach of Organization Development and HIPPA Compliance Officer for a 6,000-member comprehensive human support center providing on-site medical and mental health services. During her tenure at the Weingart Center, she was also elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Professionals in Human Resource Association as the co-chair of programs in Los Angeles.

Prior to Mitchell’s arrival at ConcertoHealth, she formulated a strategic partnership with a Fortune 500 payroll vendor to create a network of human resource business opportunities for a boutique shared services organization supporting the southern California market. Her primary focus of business was leading the construction of diversely skilled human resource support teams across a variety of complex people industries, including retail, hospitality and behavioral health.

Mitchell earned a Bachelor of Science degree from California State Dominguez Hills with an emphasis in organizational behavior and workplace psychology.