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ConcertoHealth Appoints Noted Health Policy Expert Dr. Mark D. Smith to Its Board of Directors

“ConcertoHealth is part of a new breed of thinking in healthcare that says we’ve got to concentrate special resources on people who have special medical problems and that, I think, is the real promise this company holds,” said Dr. Mark D. Smith.

IRVINE, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 29, 2015) –  ConcertoHealth (formerly Fidelis SeniorCare) today announced the appointment of noted health policy expert Mark D. Smith, M.D., M.B.A, to its board of directors.

“Dr. Smith is a visionary and innovative leader who brings tremendous experience from a public health policy and provider perspective to ConcertoHealth,” said Alec Cunningham, CEO. “His expertise and insights on the complex medical needs patient population are renowned by institutions and governments worldwide and will be a valuable asset to the work we are doing.”

ConcertoHealth is a healthcare provider with more than a decade of experience caring for the Medicare, Medicaid, frail and complex medical needs patient populations. The company provides Care Centers for patients who can get to a clinic, in-home care for those who can’t, and its field-based care teams provide for those in-hospital, in a nursing home, or any post-acute setting. By merging social work with care management, ConcertoHealth offers other solutions to several critical vulnerabilities for patients and health plans alike.

“Increasingly, the American health system has people who have more than one health problem,” said Dr. Smith. “These people are not only expensive to the system, but clinically we don’t have good models on how to care for them. ConcertoHealth is part of a new breed of thinking in healthcare that says we’ve got to concentrate special resources on people who have special medical problems and that, I think, is the promise this company holds.”

About Dr. Mark D. Smith:
Dr. Smith holds a bachelor’s of arts degree from Harvard, a master’s of business administration from the Wharton School and earned his medical degree from the University of North Carolina. As founding president and chief executive officer of the California Healthcare Foundation, Dr. Smith not only helped improve the health of thousands of underserved Californians, he also led the foundation to become a leader in healthcare quality and public health policy.

As a board-certified internist, Dr. Smith is a member of the clinical faculty at the University of California, San Francisco, and an attending physician at the Positive Health Program for AIDS care at San Francisco General Hospital. In 2001, Dr. Smith was elected to the Institute of Medicine, where he chaired the Committee on The Learning Health Care System in America, which created a comprehensive report on healthcare quality and innovation in the U.S.

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About ConcertoHealth®

ConcertoHealth Inc. is the leading risk-bearing provider of field-based complex care for persistently high-cost and rising-risk populations. The company’s multidisciplinary care teams meet patients where they are, with the care they need, whether in the home or hospital. The ConcertoHealth care model improves overall health quality and outcomes with a track record of reducing hospital admits by 47%, readmits by 40% and ER visits by 16% for the most frail and vulnerable populations in America, benefiting patients, payers and provider networks alike.

The company is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, and can be found online at, on Twitter @concertohealth and on LinkedIn

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