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A Safer Course: ConcertoHealth’s Proactive Approach to Medication Management

As a risk-bearing provider partner managing dual-eligible Medicare/Medicaid members, ConcertoHealth’s focus is the subset of patients considered at most risk for worsening health. These patients are frail, elderly, or have been diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions. In fact, more than half of Concerto’s members have three or more chronic conditions…

About ConcertoHealth

ConcertoHealth Inc. is the leading provider of specialized primary care and supporting clinical services for vulnerable, frail and elderly patients. ConcertoHealth provides high-touch, individualized care for patients and also deploys “wraparound” clinical resources to extend the reach of primary care providers, operating exclusively in value-based agreements. The ConcertoHealth care model, elevated by Patient3D, improves overall health quality and outcomes for high-need patient populations. The ConcertoHealth care model is proven to reduce admissions by 30.3 percent and readmissions by 17.1 percent, benefitting patients, payers and their provider networks alike. The company is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California.

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